Our Nutrient Deficient Soils



Modern health ‘experts’ tell people that to get all the daily essential nutrients they need, they just need to eat their four food groups each day.  However, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine(PCRM) keep changing what the standard four food groups are.


It used to be Meat, Dairy, Grains, and Fruits and Vegetables.  Now it is Whole Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, and Legumes.  And besides the four food groups, they cannot make up their minds about how much of the four+ food groups we need.  We used to have the Food Pyramid, then they altered the Food Pyramid(which made it more confusing), and today we have My Plate.


No matter what food group system we follow, we cannot get our daily essential nutrients from the food that is grown in our soils.  Our soils are too deficient to be able to sustain us.  In fact, we were officially warned of this all the way back in 1936, during a Congressional investigation into U.S. farming practices.  U.S. Senate Document #264, published by the 2nd session of the 74th Congress stated:


“The alarming fact is that foods (fruits, vegetables and grains) now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough of certain minerals are starving us – no matter how much of them we eat. No man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the minerals he requires for perfect health because his stomach isn’t big enough to hold them.”


“But no matter what the current ‘standard’ is for which foods and how much of each we need, we cannot get all our daily essential nutrients from the food we eat.  That is because the food that is grown in our soil, and the plants that are grown for animals to eat, are nutritionally deficient.  Our soils are so nutrient deficient that you can eat as many fruits, vegetables and meat you want, but you will never be able to get all your daily essential nutrients.”


“The truth is that our foods vary enormously in value, and some of them aren’t worth eating as food…Our physical well-being is more directly dependent upon the minerals we take into our systems than upon calories or vitamins or upon the precise proportions of starch, protein or carbohydrates we consume.”


“You’d think, wouldn’t you, that a carrot is a carrot – that one is about as good as another as far as nourishment is concerned? But it isn’t; one carrot may look and taste like another and yet be lacking in the particular mineral element which our system requires and which carrots are supposed to contain.”


“No longer does a balanced and fully nourishing diet consist merely of so many calories or certain vitamins or fixed proportion of starches, proteins and carbohydrates. We know that our diets must contain in addition something like a score of minerals salts.”


“We know that vitamins are complex chemical substances which are indispensable to nutrition, and that each of them is of importance for normal function of some special structure in the body. Disorder and disease result from any vitamin deficiency. It is not commonly realized, however, that vitamins control the body’s appropriation of minerals, and in the absence of minerals they have no function to perform. Lacking vitamins, the system can make some use of minerals, but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless.”


“This discovery is one of the latest and most important contributions of science to the problem of human health.”


So, if that was how bad the soils were all the way back in 1936, how much worse are our soils today?


In 1992 an Earth Summit Report warned us again, connecting back to the Senate document, indicating that the mineral content of the world’s farm and range soils had decreased dramatically.


This was the percentage of mineral depletion from soil during the past 100 years, by continent:


North America – 85%

South America – 76%

Asia – 76%

Africa – 74%

Europe – 72%

Australia – 55%


As you can see, North America (Canada, Mexico and the United States) have suffered the most mineral depletion, connecting back the Senate report.  This is a bad scenario for everyone: plants, animals and humans.  Everyone and everything is affected by mineral depletion in our soils.


It will take a lot of time and money to get the minerals we need back in our soils.  But you can start giving your body the minerals it needs to survive and thrive today, today.  You just need to add the right mineral supplements to your everyday routine.



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